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Safety at the center.

On the jobsite, everything revolves around safety. It’s the foundation of our work culture. During construction, we move as one organization—not as a coordinated network—to ensure there’s no gap between Gray and our highly qualified contractors, all of whom must have an excellent safety record and relevant experience to partner with Gray.


The same preparedness, awareness, and discipline that informs our approach to safety translates to our customer experience. Throughout the project, we identify opportunities to realize greater efficiencies through industry best practices without sacrificing quality or performance. Our team streamlines the decision-making process and construction sequencing through our Building Information Management (BIM) system, enabling the entire project team to collaborate on the planning, design, and constructability of your facility.


Once the building is complete, our service team is available to answer questions, provide advice, and offer solutions to any issues that may arise. From equipment warranties to preventive maintenance training, Gray offers the skills and solutions you need to protect your investment.

Our Construction services include

Meet the Team

Gray has a deep bench of leaders with the experience to advise on your most complex challenges.

Meet Gray's Leadership Team Meet Gray's Leadership Team


  • Manufacturing

    U.S. manufacturing is resurgent. Driven by exciting new technologies and processes, record-setting investment and incentives, and reshoring trends across the sector, manufacturing is once again an industry of promise, creating new jobs and fueling innovation.

  • Food & Beverage

    Gray’s fully integrated services have you covered at every phase of your food & beverage project. From facility design and construction to process engineering and equipment manufacturing, we offer our customers proven solutions that deliver world-class results for years to come.

  • Data Centers

    The cloud computing industry faces a demand crisis. Compared to a year ago, corporate accounts across the board need more storage capacity, greater service speed, continuous uptime, and the assurance that providers have answers to their challenges.

  • Advanced Technology

    The integration of advanced technology in professional and private life has hit critical mass. From macroeconomics to micro-entertainment, the future hinges on our ability to leverage technology in ways that empower people to live more efficiently, more sustainably, and more securely.

  • Distribution

    The modern distribution facility is a substantially more sophisticated operation than that of a generation ago. From automated storage and material handling to digital inventory and order management, today’s industry is dependent on a steady stream of data and uncompromising efficiency.

  • Commercial

    The retail world is always in motion. Changing consumer trends, tech innovation, and corporate expansion strategies all play important roles in identifying areas of need and prioritizing commercial projects. The firm you choose must safely and quickly create a highly engaging, versatile space for the public.

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