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Designing around customer growth.

From programming and architectural design to BIM, interiors, and LEED, Gray’s comprehensive Design offering is the engine of our design-build delivery method. Now used widely throughout the industry, design-build helps save customers time and money—and it was pioneered by Gray. As a team of design-builders, we facilitate project growth from ideation to reality. Our customers say they appreciate the speed and flexibility design-build affords, as well as the collaborative experience we provide.


Our multidisciplinary Design team includes professional architects, engineers, and project managers, all of whom function as an extension of your team. We develop and deploy the solution, manage the budget, and stay on-task to ensure we meet your schedule. We also provide a roadmap that anticipates potential enhancements in the years to come. By designing with multiple future scenarios in mind, we help conserve your options by accounting for reconfigurations and expansions so that you can seize growth opportunities as they arise.

Our Design services include

  • Programming

    Detailed design

    Sanitary design

    Master planning

  • Gray offers a wide range of technology services to bring your project’s design to life before you ever break ground. Our expert teams work closely with you to understand your business’s needs and incorporate unique design features that provide a space that’s as inviting as it is functional/efficient. Our services include the following:


    Conceptual design

    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Project coordination

    Augmented design

    Laser scanning


    Virtual reality

    3D printing

    Digital twin

    BIM360 administration

Our Values

Putting our values into action.

Gray believes our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to our founding:

  • We put safety and quality of life first.
  • We are customer and relationship driven.
  • We treat others the way we want to be treated, where everyone is welcome and respected.
We put safety and quality of life first.


  • Gray’s fully integrated services have you covered at every phase of your food & beverage project. From facility design and construction to process engineering and equipment manufacturing, we offer our customers proven solutions that deliver world-class results for years to come.

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