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A New Era for a Legacy Market.


U.S. manufacturing is resurgent. Driven by exciting new technologies and processes, record-setting investment and incentives, and reshoring trends across the sector, manufacturing is once again an industry of promise, creating new jobs and fueling innovation.


With 60 years of experience and more than 1,500 projects completed for manufacturing customers, Gray offers a foundational understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. As emerging U.S. markets such as solar energy and sustainable materials enjoy rapid acceleration, Gray provides customers the expert teams and resources to achieve aggressive expansion targets and the industry connections to fully leverage shortened supply chains.


Hard-Earned Expertise 


Six decades of experience and valuable long-term relationships with repeat customers have taught us to be proactive in responding to the industry’s biggest challenges. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we optimized our supply chains, building a robust network of contractors and an industry-leading procurement team. When inflation threatened to derail projects, our design-build experts took the initiative to lock in the best market pricing, aligning with our customers’ teams and engaging early with key vendors on critical path items. In the wake of landmark legislation that incentivized investment in manufacturing, we leveraged our relationships with state and local governments to deliver high-value opportunities to meet customers’ investment, labor, and infrastructure needs. 


Over the years, we’ve delivered world-class facilities for customers in virtually every manufacturing sector: 


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Building products
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer products
  • Metals
  • Solar/photovoltaic


Helping You Achieve Excellence 


Technological advances in robotics, machine learning, system integration, and sustainable facilities and production methods have spurred rapid changes in manufacturing design and operation. Gray is excited to be on the leading edge of this advance, helping our customers take full advantage of emerging capabilities and successfully navigate toward lasting business growth. 


Whether you need a turnkey solution and complete project partner for your next expansion or require discrete services to improve process efficiency, enhance quality assurance protocols, or get your IT/OT marching in lockstep, we’re excited to get started on your next project together.

    Explore Manufacturing Services

    • Engineering

      Process & Packaging Systems Engineering

      Civil/Building Engineering

      Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

    • Design



      Sustainable Design

    • Construction





    • Digital

      Automation & Controls

      Production-First IT



    • Equipment
      Custom equipment Ovens & cookers
      Process skids Batching equipment
      Clean-in-place systems Bioreactors
      Extruders Distributed products
      Mixers & blenders Control panel fabrication
    • Development

      Feasibility Studies


      Incentive Coordination

      Land Acquisition

      Construction Financing

      Build-to-Suit/Sale Leaseback

    • Planning

      Master Planning

      Front-end Services

      Strategy Consulting

    Foreign Investors Bank Big on U.S. Industry.

    For the 12th year in a row, the U.S. is the world’s top destination for FDI. In addition to the world’s largest consumer market, a robust financial sector, and infrastructure to support Foreign Direct Investment, the U.S. recently passed legislation like the CHIPS & Science Act and Inflation Reduction Act to boost its FDI positioning.


    Gray’s rich history of working with foreign companies perfectly positions us as a partner for businesses looking to expand operations or stake their flag through FDI.

    Let's Bring Your Vision to Reality 
    "Manufacturing is entering a new period of unparalleled growth and innovation. Just as we’ve done for the last 60 years, Gray is proud to offer customers in this vital sector a strong partner who shares their vision and values."
    Drew Romans, Vice President, Manufacturing Market
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