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Ovens & Cookers

Thermal Technology Designed with Purpose.


As a recognized leader providing integrated food processing equipment and systems, we have served the dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, and packaged product industries for decades. Our spiral and linear steam cookers are customized for your application across a wide range of factors, including temperature, cook time, and moisture content, making them unmatched for maintaining customer standards for product flavor, nutritional content, and size/weight.



Our Checker spiral steam ovens deliver superior cooking power, maximizing microbe elimination and minimizing pasteurization times while using less energy and space than other steam cookers. Offering precise temperature control, they’re the reliable, efficient way to produce ready-to-eat (RTE) goods that are flavorful, safe, and consistent with your standards.



Gray also offers a range of solutions for applications that require non-steam cooking methods. From thermal jackets to heated platens and more, our experienced engineers and project managers offer the tools to meet your requirements for virtually any cooking process.


In addition to cooking, we offer processing technology for other thermal processes. To meet your facility’s equipment fabrication needs, our custom offerings also include spiral convection and linear conveyor oven dryers, spiral hydro chilling systems, ambient temperature conveyor coolers, packaged spiral freezers, and more.


Cook to Perfection

Gray offers equipment solutions for all your thermal processing needs, giving you peace of mind and superior product quality and consistency.

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    Gray’s fully integrated services have you covered at every phase of your food & beverage project. From facility design and construction to process engineering and equipment manufacturing, we offer our customers proven solutions that deliver world-class results for years to come.

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