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Building Relationships, Delivering Results.


The retail world is always in motion. Changing consumer trends, tech innovation, and corporate expansion strategies all play important roles in identifying areas of need and prioritizing commercial projects. The firm you choose must safely and quickly create a highly engaging, versatile space for the public.


Gray’s expert teams offer a creative but disciplined approach, aligning with your business goals to deliver a solution that’s consistent with your brand and attractive to your customers. Just as you identify, re-evaluate, and fill consumers’ needs, Gray develops flexible, informed solutions that maximize quality and speed while minimizing cost and risk. 


Service That Stays with You 


Corporate stakeholders have a swarm of important decisions to make for their projects. Gray’s fully integrated service offering ensures that you don’t face those decisions alone. From feasibility studies and architectural design to facility construction and building systems commissioning, we’ll be there to provide expert guidance that moves your project forward and serves your best interests.


Success Is Relational


More important than building a storefront is the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our customers. Gray has delivered more than 25 projects and partnered for more than a decade with some of the biggest names in retail because we view our commercial projects not as transactional, but as opportunities—to learn about our customers, listen to their needs, establish trust, and replicate shared success. When you’re expected to open dozens, if not hundreds, of new locations in the coming years, having a partner that you can rely on is no luxury—it’s the difference-maker that makes your projects progress faster, cost less, and turn into profitable assets sooner.


Turnkey Services   Discrete Services 
We offer end-to-end solutions and total project ownership, giving you peace of mind and a streamlined process from start to finish.   Looking for a more distinct solution? We’ve got you covered from interior finishes to rooftop equipment installation and everything in between.

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    • Engineering

      Process & Packaging Systems Engineering

      Civil/Building Engineering

      Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

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    • Equipment
      Custom equipment Ovens & cookers
      Process skids Batching equipment
      Clean-in-place systems Bioreactors
      Extruders Distributed products
      Mixers & blenders Control panel fabrication
    • Development

      Feasibility Studies


      Incentive Coordination

      Land Acquisition

      Construction Financing

      Build-to-Suit/Sale Leaseback

    • Planning

      Master Planning

      Front-end Services

      Strategy Consulting

    "A partnership with Gray is about more than any one project. It’s about knowing—and serving—people. We value building meaningful relationships and trust with our customers because we recognize that’s what drives their business."
    Rick Sawyer

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    Gray has a deep bench of leaders with the experience to advise on your most complex challenges.

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