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BlueOval SK Battery Park

Gray Provides Project Services on Industry-Transforming Opportunity.

Ford is one of the world’s most recognized and celebrated auto manufacturers and the fifth-largest based on production. The company was founded by Henry Ford at the turn of the 20th century, and its current revenues put it near the top of the Fortune 500 list.


SK On is a South Korean battery manufacturer and the sole subsidiary of SK Innovation. Currently the world’s fifth-leading battery producer for electric vehicles (EVs), the fast-growing company is on pace to become the global leader by 2030.


For this history-making project, Ford is partnering with SK On for the largest manufacturing investment in Ford’s 119-year history.

  • Location
    Glendale, KY
  • Square Footage
    7,000,000 s.f.
BlueOval SK Battery Park
Glendale, KY
7,000,000 s.f.
"This is the single largest investment in the history of our state, and this project solidifies our leadership role in the future of the automotive manufacturing industry."
Andy Beshear, Governor

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Ford selected Gray to support primary contractor Barton Malow Company for the construction of BlueOval SK Battery Park, a complex with two battery manufacturing plants for the company’s newest generation of electric vehicles. Gray’s scope includes all mechanical and electrical work, roofing, siding, and complete ISO 7 clean and dry room systems.


The finished batteries will power future Ford and Lincoln electric vehicles. At peak, the plants’ annual lithium-ion battery production will reach a total capacity of more than 80 gigawatt hours. Production is slated to begin in 2025.



The project is located on the Glendale Megasite, a 1,500-acre development tract in Glendale, a few miles outside Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The facilities will encompass 7 million s.f., and construction will require the erection of 80,000 tons of steel, the pouring of 400,000 cubic yards of concrete, and the movement of more than 5,200,000 cubic yards of earth.


Gray’s services for the facility’s 3-story clean and dry rooms require extreme attention to detail to maintain pristine conditions and precise humidity control for battery production and assembly. To accommodate BlueOval SK’s aggressive move-in and process line startup schedules, the Gray team is also designing and installing temporary walls as well as HVAC and dehumidifying systems.


The BlueOval SK Battery Park in Glendale will create a total of 5,000 new jobs—a major opportunity for Kentucky and its labor force.


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