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Embracing Innovation at Every Level.


The modern distribution facility is a substantially more sophisticated operation than that of a generation ago. From automated storage and material handling to digital inventory and order management, today’s industry is dependent on a steady stream of data and uncompromising efficiency.


Gray understands the industry’s dynamic nature, where consumer expectations are sky-high and margins are razor thin. Recent omnichannel strategies demand operational flexibility. The emergence of cold storage requires precise environmental controls. To develop adaptive, efficient solutions to your constantly shifting needs, we hold true to our No. 2 core value—we are customer and relationship driven. We view a distribution center project as more than a logistical operation; it’s an ongoing opportunity for continuous improvement and unprecedented insight into every stage of your operations.


Building for Your Future


Gray’s fully integrated service offering provides the flexibility and breadth of expertise needed to implement creative, customized solutions. From cold chain logistics to fully automated dark facilities, we tailor our services to the unique strengths of every project, ensuring our designs meet the acute needs of our customers and facilitate their operational excellence. 


Our automation and integration services encompass AI applications, laser-guided vehicles, robotic sortation and material handling, and machine learning applications. Our vast experience with multi-level, multiple deep AS/RS warehouse solutions ensures your facility achieves maximum density and saves you on time, labor, and material costs. 


Whether you need a smaller regional facility or a multi-phase campus build totaling millions of square feet, Gray has the tools and talent to deliver your solution. We’ve completed hundreds of distribution projects ranging from greenfield facilities with advanced automation to brownfield retrofits, cold storage conversion, and much more.

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    "Distribution has been a core part of Gray’s business for decades. As the industry changes, we’re constantly refining how we help our customers maximize every channel, every technology, every advantage to grow their business and improve their efficiency."
    Rodney Carpenter, Senior Vice President

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