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Automation & Controls

Digital Solutions for Informed Decision-Making.

We deliver digital solutions that utilize advanced communications and control abilities to enable real-time, autonomous decisions by production machines and products. Our experience in advanced analytics can draw on past and present data to ensure more reliable, confident decisions about future planning, creating a generation of data based on logic and reliable, and credible information.


Through these advanced analytics’ capabilities, teams have greater flexibility and time to focus on wider strategic considerations, resulting in smarter decision making at the organizational level and focused knowledge. 


Automation & Controls services include:

  • PLC/PAC development
  • HMI development
  • Controls integration


  • Food & Beverage

    Gray’s fully integrated services have you covered at every phase of your food & beverage project. From facility design and construction to process engineering and equipment manufacturing, we offer our customers proven solutions that deliver world-class results for years to come.

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
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