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Gray works with leading companies across industries on select projects. If you would like to be added to our partner database, please click on this link and create a profile.


If you’d like to be considered for the BlueOval SK Battery Park, more information can be found here. If you have specific questions, please contact:


If you’d like to be considered for Qcells’ historic solar investment, please contact:

Notice of Fraudulent Communication/Requests.

It has come to our attention that there are unauthorized individuals outside of Gray’s organization sending fraudulent communication, solicitations, and requests under the Gray brand. Please be advised and aware that such fraudulent communications, solicitations, and requests are a threat and could pose harm to you and your business.


If you receive a communication, solicitation, and or a request that appears to be from Gray, please review the material carefully and authenticate the source of the material as an actual representative of Gray. If you are concerned, please reach out to Gray to confirm whether the communication, solicitation, and or request is legitimate.


Help Us Fight Fraud


We take these types of fraudulent activity seriously, and report such activity to the proper authorities. If you suspect you have received fraudulent communications related to any Gray company, please email: