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Data Centers

Partnerships Built on Performance.


The cloud computing industry faces a demand crisis. Compared to a year ago, corporate accounts across the board need more storage capacity, greater service speed, continuous uptime, and the assurance that providers have answers to their challenges. 


Every industry player is looking to scale up services, but leadership in the market will be defined by one crucial factor: who can scale up the fastest and most reliably? 


With deep roots in industrial construction, Gray is ideally positioned to deliver your next data center with the speed and quality your customers demand coupled with the safety and flexibility you value. With active data center projects from coast to coast and a broad network of technical experts, experienced contractors, and project teams ready to mobilize, Gray is the strategic partner that will take your business to the next level first and for the long haul. 


We Offer What You Need 


Gray provides the tools for faster speed to market, greater efficiency, and improved operational flexibility.


  • Industry-leading expertise in engineering, architecture, and construction (EAC) 
  • Fully integrated services for turnkey and discrete solutions 
  • Data center experience from edge to colocation to hyperscale 
  • A rapid response team of experts in every region of the U.S. 
  • Proven partnerships with regional and national subcontractors 
  • Up to 2N + 1 redundant power and cooling systems 
  • A proactive, robust procurement team and optimized supply chains 
  • Extensive equipment installation & commissioning experience 
  • Self-perform concrete and steel units for greater control over schedule and cost 


We Understand the Challenge 


AI and machine learning applications draw immense amounts of data from the web at blinding speed. All this computing power requires a similarly massive, uninterrupted flow of electricity. Gray completes more than 300 MW of new capacity for our data center customers each year. Recently, we were named by Engineering News-Record as the No. 15 firm in the U.S. in data center construction, and we’re set to surpass this mark in the coming year. 


We offer a dedicated team focused exclusively on delivering high-density data centers built to suit for our customers. We build scalable, end-to-end solutions with complete systemic redundancy and reliability, developing intelligent infrastructure that’s pressure-tested to deliver continuous uptime to your customers and peace of mind to your business.

"Breakneck digital innovation is pushing the bounds of data’s importance in the marketplace. Gray understands the complexity and urgency of what our data center customers need, and we’ve built the best team in the industry to deliver winning solutions."
Ben Burgett, Vice President, Data Center Market
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