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Safety Strong: Gray’s Unwavering Commitment

“Gray’s safety culture is Safety Strong,” says Jim Grant, Vice President, Safety & Field Operations.

At Gray, our No. 1 core value is: We put safety and quality of life first. But our commitment goes beyond this. Safety is ingrained in who we are and is a part of everyday life, on our jobsites, in our offices, and at our homes.


Recently, Gray has experienced exponential growth. However, our safety culture has not nor ever will be compromised. It is our mission to remain Safety Strong today and well into the future.


“Safety Strong represents the safety culture of Gray as a whole, with more than 1,000 team members all living and leading safety first,” says Grant.


Continual Pursuit 


For us, being safe is a goal that we continue to advance, because you can never be “too good” at safety.


“Gray’s commitment to safety means a continual pursuit of improvement,” says Bill Carey, Director, Safety.


Our dedication goes far beyond what is required by OSHA, and while our safety record is better than the industry average, we view even one incident as too many and are committed to achieving zero incidents on our jobsites.


“If we even have one recordable incident this year, that means there is someone on our project who does not get to go home at the end of the day in the same, or better, condition than when he or she showed up,” says Carey.


Protecting our Family


At the heart, Gray is a family. The business started with one family, and today has grown to include many companies and team members that are now a part of that family. Gray’s safety culture is founded in the care for our people.


“Safety is important to Gray due to the deep heritage instilled in the company,” says Clayton Wilkerson, Site Manager. “Truly caring about your work family is a belief system, a way of life, that is handed down to each and every new team member who joins the Gray Family,”


The people of Gray are what makes the company so special. Whether it’s a Gray team member or a subcontractor working for Gray, our first and foremost commitment is to make sure that our people are safe, no matter what, while working on our projects.


“It is important that we continue to emphasize that the ‘rates’ we always talk about are people. We do what we do, not because we want low incident rates, but because we care about people,” says Carey. “Safety is not my passion; people are my passion.”


Daily Dedication


“To me, safety means ensuring the wellbeing of all people that I come into contact with to the best of my abilities, whether on the jobsite or at home,” says Wilkerson.


Sadly, on average, three fatalities happen in U.S. construction each day. One moment with a lack of focus could potentially result in the loss of someone’s life. This is staggering. Each day, we push Gray team members to dedicate themselves in creating and being committed to a culture of safety.


At Gray, safety is not just a talking point or something that’s displayed on the wall. Safety is deeply rooted in everything we do. It is at the heart of our mission as a company because we truly care about our people and truly want them to be safe on the job.


“Safety is our No. 1 core value,” says Grant. “Our biggest responsibility is to make sure that everyone that shows up for work goes home at the end of the day to their loved ones free of injury.”

"Truly caring about your work family is a belief system, a way of life, that is handed down to each and every new team member who joins the Gray Family."
Clayton Wilkerson, Site Manager


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