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A Natural Opportunity for Growth.

In collaboration with analytical and laboratory products suppliers, we have delivered hundreds of high-quality biotechnology equipment systems to customers across a wide variety of market sectors. As the biopharmaceutical industry continues to experience rapid expansion, Gray and its industry partners are poised to provide innovative, industrial-scale solutions for customers in virtually any application.


A key product offering of this partnership is the single-use bioreactor (SUB). These use biotechnology to cultivate cell growth at an accelerated rate and can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to process development.


Single-use bioreactors offer the major advantage of eliminating the cleaning process common to multi-use bioreactors, resulting in considerable cost savings. The bioreactor’s disposal bag system shortens downtime, reduces waste from validation errors and cross-contamination, decreases installation times and startup costs compared to stainless steel equipment, and offers greater portability.

Cultivating a More Efficient Operation

Help your business grow with an innovative biotechnology solution from Gray and reap the benefits of higher efficiency and lower costs.

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Our Values

Putting our values into action.

Gray believes our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to our founding:

  • We put safety and quality of life first.
  • We are customer and relationship driven.
  • We treat others the way we want to be treated, where everyone is welcome and respected.
We put safety and quality of life first.


  • Gray’s fully integrated services have you covered at every phase of your food & beverage project. From facility design and construction to process engineering and equipment manufacturing, we offer our customers proven solutions that deliver world-class results for years to come.

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