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Self-Perform Services

Safety, Quality, and Speed Are Our Constants.


Gray’s self-perform services leverage the full expertise of our talented teams to deliver proven quality, faster speed to market, and an award-winning safety program. Our experts in concrete, steel, millwright, and finishes are leaders in their trades, offering decades of experience and a record of satisfied customers.

Leading Projects from Wire-to-Wire


When you invest in a facility project, the last things you want to deal with are labor shortages and market changes that can knock you off course. Gray’s self-perform services ensure quality work and efficient collaboration from experienced trade professionals to keep your project on schedule and on budget. 


When you choose Gray for self-perform work, our team members are the first in and the last out, giving you peace of mind that you’re getting consistent safety & quality, the best possible speed to market, a professional jobsite culture, and a clear line of communication through every scope. Gray’s project teams and customers alike benefit from the seamless integration between our self-perform professionals and our design-build, engineering, and project management teams—a powerful combination that promotes cohesive teams and sustained focus on common goals. 



Our team is made of career, trade-specific professionals and core craftsmen with decades of experience who are dedicated to meeting your project needs. Through Gray companies NexGen and Gray Ohio Valley, we offer a wide range of self-perform services, which include supervision, administration, craft labor, materials, tools, documentation, consumables, and safety devices to successfully take your project from start to finish. Whatever your self-perform need, Gray can deliver the right partner and solution.

"Our self-perform teams bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their projects, and they're passionate about the trades they've mastered. We're excited to bring that level of dedication and service to site each day."
Ben Carnell, Vice President, NexGen, A Gray Company

Self-Perform with Gray includes:


  • Regionally and nationally aligned trade professionals
  • Turnkey steel erection, piping, concrete, millwright, and finishes
  • Estimating and Pre-Construction consultation
  • Integration with Gray’s design-build, process engineering, digital transformation, and equipment manufacturing teams


Custom Equipment Manufacturing.

In addition to our onsite self-perform services, Gray offers custom equipment manufacturing through Anderson Dahlen Inc. and AD Process Equipment. With deep experience in the design-build of custom stainlesssteel equipment for sanitary, food-grade facilities, Anderson Dahlen and AD Process Equipment deliver solutions that are purpose-built for your specific application and designed to optimize your processes. 

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Setting the Gold Standard for Safety.

While we pride ourselves on executing great projects that give our customers a winning advantage, there’s nothing we’re prouder of than sending everybody home safely at the end of each day. We’re so invested in this principle that we’ve made it our #1 core value: We put safety and quality of life first.


Our commitment to the goal of zero incidents is evidenced by our frequency and severity rates, which are consistently below national averages. To achieve this goal, we follow through on the expectation that everybody owns safety on and off the jobsite, not just supervisors and managers.


Our dedication to safety goes beyond Gray’s own team members. We care equally as much for every worker, customer representative, and trade partner involved on a Gray project. Everybody on a Gray project commits to and practices the same safety program. With common communication and accountability, we empower our people to voice concerns and stop when they observe unsafe conditions.

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"Our customers value partners that provide speed to market and reduce costs without sacrificing on quality. Gray's self-perform capabilities are the perfect complement to our design-build and engineering roots, offering customers a turnkey service package that delivers results."
Brian Jones, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gray Construction


Handling Your Project Like It’s Our Own.

You have a vision for what a quality, finished job looks like. Our work starts when you share that vision with Gray and trust us to make it a reality. Through consistency, attention to detail, and skill that’s fine-tuned by decades of experience, we produce premium quality work that our customers can be proud of.


Integrity is at the core of our service to customers. NexGen conducts Quality Assurance/Quality Control activities and acceptance testing as needed to ensure work is safe and ready for your team operations.

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