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Global Focus. Real Results.


With Gray’s deep understanding of the global marketplace, trade, and regulations, our team is more than equipped and positioned to meet the highest standards of excellence for international companies. We are committed to transforming complex ideas into state-of-the-art, cost-effective projects.


As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves in developing partnerships that achieve goals and reflect customers’ values and traditions, on U.S. soil. Our primary objective is to see you innovate, adapt, and grow.


We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s top companies. These are businesses that feed the world, protect our data, and produce appliances and vehicles consumers utilize every day. For Gray, it’s rewarding to play a role in making this positive difference.

Committed to FDI

Gray has you covered.

Over 60% of Gray’s manufacturing projects have been with international customers locating or expanding in the U.S. Much of our experience has been with European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese companies that have desired a home in the U.S. Our experience with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) spans the full lifecycle of a project from market entry and regulatory processes to construction.  

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"This state-of-the-art gas turbine manufacturing facility… further expands our capabilities to help our customers optimize their investments and competitively generate electricity to meet the nation's growing needs."
Randy Zwirn, President and CEO

Siemens Energy, Inc., Energy Service Division

  • Construction




  • Design



    Sustainable Design

  • Development

    Feasibility Studies


    Incentive Coordination

    Land Acquisition

    Construction Financing

    Build-to-Suit/Sale Leaseback

  • Digital

    Automation & Controls

    Production-First IT



  • Engineering

    Process & Packaging Systems Engineering

    Civil/Building Engineering

    Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

  • Equipment
    Custom equipment Ovens & cookers
    Process skids Batching equipment
    Clean-in-place systems Bioreactors
    Extruders Distributed products
    Mixers & blenders Control panel fabrication
  • Planning

    Master Planning

    Front-end Services

    Strategy Consulting

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