EGGER Wood Products

Highly Automated Wood Manufacturing Facility.

EGGER is a family-owned, Austrian-based wood manufacturing company that produces panel products. These products are used in a variety of manufacturing items, including laminate flooring, cabinetry, residential, and commercial furniture, along with casework. The company knew it was time to expand its facilities to the U.S. and selected Gray to partner on its 20th manufacturing operation worldwide.

  • Location
    Lexington, NC
  • Square Footage
    815,000 s.f.
  • Operational
    18 months
EGGER Wood Products
Lexington, NC
815,000 s.f.
18 months
"Gray and EGGER partnered with full collaboration on all aspects of the project including schedule, cost, and design. We worked with EGGER and not for them. Both companies joined to essentially become one team which developed a high level of trust among everyone."
John Slone, Project Executive


The highly automated facility produces panel products used in a variety of manufacturing items and includes a fully integrated 3D model along with laminated wood joist glulams shipped from Europe.


Carsten Ritterbach, plant manager, Commercial Services, describes this facility as the “most modern plant in the world” for the type of product it manufactures.


At peak, 1,150 workers were on site for this project.

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"At EGGER, where we have a deep respect for the natural resource of wood and are committed to sustainable use of wood, we believe this historic tradition is an appropriate way to mark an important milestone in construction of our Lexington manufacturing facility."
Karl Grasser, Project Manager for Finance/Administration


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