Customer Relationship Opens Opportunity Decades Later.

Cerrowire, a subsidiary of the Marmon Group and Berkshire Hathaway, is manufacturer of building wire and cables headquartered in Hartselle, Alabama. In 2022, the customer selected Gray to design and build a 270,000 s.f. greenfield facility to support its business supplying electrical distributors, wholesalers, and retailers across the U.S.

  • Location
    Hartselle, AL
  • Square Footage
    270,000 s.f.
  • Operational
    11 months
Hartselle, AL
270,000 s.f.
11 months

But the project would never have come to pass without the efforts of a dedicated Gray team member two decades prior. After inquiring about a project opportunity at the turn of the millennium, this individual kept in touch with his contacts at Cerrowire and continued to invest in the relationship with advice and genuine interest. When plans for a new manufacturing plant were approved years later, Cerrowire came to Gray with this relationship in mind. Despite the team member’s retirement years before, Cerrowire was confident in their decision: according to the customer, “He is a quality individual, and that’s why [Cerrowire] contacted Gray.”



Service Designed to Satisfy


Gray would reciprocate this confidence and dedication throughout the proposals process, considering every angle of the customer’s request in its designs and offering extensive virtual support. The Gray project team went the extra mile to ensure the proposed designs met the customer’s budget, demanding schedule, and high standards of operation. From its Southeast office just an hour south, Gray demonstrated a strong regional presence with a proactive, knowledgeable approach to working with local regulators and subcontractors.


Because Cerrowire produces materials used in construction, this project has a direct tie-in to the ongoing supply chain issue—and a very rare positive one in that the customer’s new onshore facility is helping bolster two traditional American industries: manufacturing and construction. With two production shifts, this facility will create around 120 jobs.

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