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Amada America, Inc.

Fulfilling a Need.

Amada America, Inc., a manufacturer of precision sheet metal fabricating equipment, recognized an opportunity to move closer to its customers. The company selected Gray to help build the facility to meet these needs.

In Numbers

  • High Point, NC
  • 261932 s.f.
    Square Footage
  • 15 months
Amada America, Inc.
High Point, NC
261932 s.f.
15 months
"Your team’s flexibility and expertise to work within a dynamic environment of designing while building and your willingness to listen, provide great ideas, and practical solutions is a testament to Gray’s reputation and to your many years of experience as a leader in your field."
Patrick Medlin, Chief Manufacturing Officer

Amada America, Inc.

“Amada believes success comes from listening to the voice of our customers and locating our newest facility in this area allows us to be close to our customer base in the Southeast. We look forward to being an active, involved corporate citizen moving forward,” said Yukihiro Fukui, CEO of Amada America, Inc.

New Facility, Expanded Operations


Amada manufactures, sells, and services a line of precision sheet metal fabricating equipment, including punch presses, lasers, press brakes, and flexible manufacturing systems, software, and tooling for multiple markets including the automotive and appliance markets.


Amada selected Gray to design and build a new manufacturing facility, as well as a separate technical center for exhibition of their machines for demonstration and training purposes.


The first products manufactured at the new facility will include automation systems and Amada’s newest line of press brakes, the HRB Series. The high-precision HRB series is engineered to meet the unique needs of American fabricators. This new operation is the latest example of Amada’s ongoing commitment to ensure maximum productivity and profitability of American manufacturers.


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"With an established presence in the Carolinas, we are proud to work with customers that continue to bring momentum to this region."
Brett Goode, Executive Vice President, Food & Beverage Market

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