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Battery Expertise

Powering your battery manufacturing operation.


Manufacturers all over the world are investing billions in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with new processes and production equipment that can power the new wave of automobile manufacturing—electric vehicles (EVs). 


Gray is an ideal fit for EV and battery manufacturers looking to stand up a new battery manufacturing facility. Whatever the scope includes, our integrated team of experts is here to partner with battery manufacturers every step of the way. As companies across the automotive industry rush to assemble the resources to boost EV production, it is critical that they secure strong partners—like Gray—who are proven to bring large-scale operations online under aggressive schedules. 

"The battery industry is experiencing exponential growth, and Gray is proud to play a role in building this exciting market. The people and values that have made Gray a worldwide leader across multiple industries continue to drive our growth in this booming space."
Ben Burgett, Vice President, Data Center Market

  • Engineering

    Process & Packaging Systems Engineering

    Civil/Building Engineering

    Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

  • Equipment
    Custom equipment Ovens & cookers
    Process skids Batching equipment
    Clean-in-place systems Bioreactors
    Extruders Distributed products
    Mixers & blenders Control panel fabrication
  • Design



    Sustainable Design

  • Development

    Feasibility Studies


    Incentive Coordination

    Land Acquisition

    Construction Financing

    Build-to-Suit/Sale Leaseback

  • Construction





  • Planning

    Master Planning

    Front-end Services

    Strategy Consulting

  • Digital

    Automation & Controls

    Production-First IT



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