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Spot®, by Boston Dynamics, is a semi-autonomous robot designed for navigating indoor and outdoor environments with ease while performing preset or custom-programmed tasks using an impressive suite of onboard hardware and software systems.


Now as part of our digital services offerings, Gray Solutions, a Gray company, is utilizing Spot to help operators to gather detailed data about facilities’ as-built conditions and processes, inspect potentially hazardous areas, perform repetitive manual tasks, and much more. Spot’s applications include quality control inspection, depalletizing, material transport, facility mapping, and integration with your equipment and building systems.

Advanced Automation

Spot, the Difference.



While highly customizable, Spot’s base design offers an exciting set of physical features.


  • Durable metal and plastic housing
  • Control tablet with customizable Software Development Kit
  • Dual payload ports and mounting rails for additional hardware attachments
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Five stereo cameras for 360° optical field of view
  • IP54-rated robot; IP65-rated control tablet
  • Terrain sensing to a distance up to 13 ft
  • Payload capacity of up to 14 kg
  • Dual handles for moving easily
  • Two rechargeable batteries, charger, and protective case


Operational Capabilities


From custom controls to programmable missions to data analysis, Spot brings digital integration and machine learning to your physical environment with impressive functionality.


  • Network of sensors for repeatable missions and data gathering
  • Multiple walking and trotting gaits for a variety of tasks and terrain
  • Pre-built integration with third-party laser scanners, radiation and gas detectors, and heat sensors
  • Autonomous recharging
  • Dynamic balancing and obstacle avoidance
  • Quiet operation well below industrial ambient sound levels


Spot is as versatile as it is innovative, and Gray’s digital services team is excited to help you make the most of this breakthrough technology. Our experts in automation and industrial processes will explore your facility’s pain points and develop a program to turn Spot’s potential into practical solutions that result in smoother operations and more accurate production for your facility. The endless possibilities start when you connect with our industry-leading team.

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