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Pet Food Industry Adapting Automation, AI, and Robotics

Food & Beverage processors have embraced automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics as staples in their processing facilities. The pet food market is no different. While processors explore new ways to integrate these technologies, they are experiencing some challenges, one of which being ingredients and products are not always the same shape and size. How are pet food processors adapting them to accommodate their facility needs?

With the mounting opportunities in the Food & Beverage market and pet food processing, Gray is now stronger than ever as an integrated, turnkey solutions provider in the industry. The robust offering within the integrated Gray family of brands enables us to create one-of-a-kind solutions at the highest levels of customization.


Tyler Cundiff, president of Gray’s Food & Beverage Group, and Greg Powers, vice president of solutions architecture for Gray Solutions, a Gray company, recently spoke to Food Engineering to share insight into how the pet food industry is tailoring automation, AI, and robotics and what has changed to advance their processing systems.


To learn more from these industry experts, check out the full article and podcast, Podcast: AI and robotics in pet food processing, from Food Engineering. For more information in how Gray is a leader in solutions’ services for the global pet food market, check out our pet food experience.

"Now you have the vision systems and the robots that actually take out bad product or at least look at and visualize the product and make better decisions. "
Greg Powers, Vice President, Solutions Architecture

Gray Solutions

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