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Personal Growth at Gray: Q&A with Senior Project Manager Joe Gerardi

Growth at Gray is something that has been expected, especially in recent years. Part of the reason that the company continues to grow is we are filled with team members who are committed to growing themselves. And as those team members grow, they’re able to pour into the next generation of leaders. We spoke with Joe Gerardi, senior project manager at Gray’s Southeast Office, about his growth during his time at Gray, how Gray empowers its team members, and his favorite part about the Gray family.


What different positions have you held during your time at Gray?


I’ve been at Gray 10 years. I started as a field engineer in December of 2010. I spent 5 years in the field and lived in Lexington for a year working in Steve Summers‘ business unit. I then moved to the Birmingham office, which is near where I grew up. While in this office, I went from project manager to senior project manager.


Can you tell us what your normal workday or “day in the life” is like?


Living 30 minutes from the office provides me the perfect time to reach out to our site team and see what they need and if there is anything I can help with. When I get to the office, I usually try to take time to visit with other team members and catch up with them while on the way to my desk. Depending on the day, I may spend the rest of my time in the war room working on a proposal or working with other team members trying to figure out a solution to a problem. We have the best group of young team members in the business, so I really enjoy working through issues with them and seeing them succeed. If the opportunity exists for me to visit a jobsite, then I’m there. It’s very important to stay connected to our project teams by visiting them as often as possible.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


It’s simple for me–I enjoy meeting new people and developing new relationships with customers and contractors. I enjoy being part of a team that brings many different types of people together to achieve a common goal. We all know there are challenges on every project. If there weren’t challenges, then customers wouldn’t need us to manage all the different aspects. Working through those challenges and coming out at the end of a project with a happy subcontractor base and customer is very enjoyable.


What do you like most about the Southeast Office?


I enjoy the people. I work with a group of people who feel invested and do not want to let each other down. We all hold each other to a high standard and help support each other any way necessary.


What has been the most memorable experience with Gray since you started?


My most memorable experience so far was when Drew Romans, Emily Mathis, and myself were sitting in the war room looking at each other while we were about to hit send with a $250,000,000 proposal to the customer. We were not used to those kinds of numbers at that time. This should speak to Gray’s ability to empower anyone who shows initiative! We won that project and now that project is almost complete and has been very successful!


In one word or phrase, how would you describe Gray?


Forward thinking. I enjoy working with a company that is always looking around the corner trying to be innovative and better the company as whole.


If someone were visiting the Birmingham area, what would you recommend to them as a “must-do?”


The food is good but the atmosphere at Gianmarco’s restaurant makes it somewhere I recommend to anyone stopping in the area.

"I work with a group of people who feel invested and do not want to let each other down. We all hold each other to a high standard and help support each other any way necessary."
Joe Gerardi, Senior Project Manager


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