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NexGen Spotlight: Building Something Special

The vision of NexGen Contracting’s Steel division is ambitious: to offer customers a turnkey structural steel solution. This lofty goal aligns with NexGen’s commitment to providing comprehensive services, from fabrication to installation, ensuring quality and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle. 


One of the division’s early successes has been working with miscellaneous metals packages on data center projects. However, the team is striving to expand that package to include more work on things such as generator platforms and second-floor mezzanines. 




“We are in the growing stage but heading in the right direction,” Todd Pesavento said. “We continue to build confidence with our customers that NexGen Steel can perform large projects at a high level.” 


NexGen Steel is focused on continuing to develop strong relationships with fabricators and suppliers, which allows them to remove the intermediary, work with direct source vendors, and provide the best product for the best price.  


From a leadership standpoint, Pesavento boasts a wealth of knowledge as a third-generation construction manager with three decades of experience in the industry. His father, a civil engineer and general contractor, provided him with invaluable exposure to construction projects during his formative years.  


Earlier in his career, Pesavento ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Pesavento Construction. He specialized in commercial construction, particularly military installations. He continued running the business until 2017. 


His passion for self-perform work and entrepreneurship led him to NexGen. Pesavento was thrilled to have the opportunity to leverage his extensive experience in steel construction and management.  

"We continue to build confidence with our customers that NexGen Steel can perform large projects at a high level."
Todd Pesavento, Business Unit Leader, Steel

NexGen Contracting

The NexGen Steel team successfully collaborated with the NexGen Mechanical division and Gray on the Aurubis project, hanging steel and heavy iron for the copper smelting manufacturing facility in Augusta, GA. Gray was selected to partner with the German-based company on its first greenfield facility in 100 years—and its first operation in North America.  


Pesavento said NexGen’s greatest assets are flexibility and attention to detail, and he sees his team as elite problem solvers who can jump in to assist whenever needed. 


“We think of ourselves as movable puzzle pieces,” Pesavento said. “We can fit into a project however we need to in order to keep the job on schedule and help NexGen and Gray teams succeed.” 

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