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Josh Murtaugh: Q&A with Senior Project Manager on Quality

At Gray, our purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives by creating unforgettable customer experiences and great projects. And at the heart of that mission is Safety and Quality. To accomplish these goals, it takes all our team members, not just those on the jobsites. We spoke to Josh Murtaugh, senior project manager, about Gray’s Quality program and how he works to ensure quality every day in his job.


Can you tell us what your normal workday or “day in the life” is like?


“Typically, I talk with our site team on the way to work about the upcoming day or anything that may need to be resolved. Once I get to work, I usually have multiple meetings with the owner or subcontractors to discuss the project, update schedules to reflect latest information, review and update budgets, review any design concerns or updates, review to do list items, and ensure everyone is on track. Throughout the day, I usually have multiple phones calls with the site team and discussions with the team at the office to ensure the project is headed in the right direction.”


What does Quality mean to you?


“Meeting or exceeding expectations.”


How has Gray’s Quality program changed since your time at Gray?


“The requirement to include and ensure lessons learned are implemented is something that has become a focal point in recent years. We also now have hold points established in the job to ensure quality and safety checks are completed, and we always have a Quality team we can go to with any questions.”


Explain the role of technology as it pertains to Quality.


“Technology allows Gray team members to have all project documents, lessons learned, etc. at their fingertips on the iPad, which allows for detailed quality audits with pictures of actual situations to record that information. This information can be used to correct issues in the field, seek guidance and direction from the Quality team, or to record the issue for future reference or training. There have been times we have had to go back to previous audits and review installed conditions to help resolve issues.”


What sets Gray’s Quality program apart from others in the industry?


“The leadership of the Quality team, our lessons learned, and the drive understand every detail and drawing.”


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