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Clayton Wilkerson: Q&A with Construction Site Manager on Quality

At Gray, our purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives by creating unforgettable customer experiences and great projects. And at the heart of that mission is Safety and Quality. To accomplish these goals, we rely on all our team members, but when it comes to Safety and Quality, much of the weight is carried by our site managers. Clayton Wilkerson is one of them, and he has been with Gray for more than four years.

Name: Clayton Wilkerson
Title: Site Manager
Years with Gray: 4
Hobbies: Loves being a dad and golfing
Motto: “Everything happens for a reason. Don’t be blinded by the noise and miss the opportunity to grow yourself and those around you.”


We sat down with him to talk about Gray Quality and the industry overall.


What does Quality mean to you?


“To me, Quality means that you have pride in your work; your teams’ name is on that project or job forever. It means securing the future continued growth of Gray team members and future work opportunities for Gray by ensuring we exceed customers’ expectations.”


How has Gray’s Quality program changed since your time at Gray?


“Since my time at Gray, Quality has evolved to encompass more of our lessons learned and to better capture the more technical side of construction.”


What sets Gray’s Quality program apart from others in the industry?


“At Gray, we take pride in our culture and own what happens on every project and jobsite. We treat each project like it’s our own because that’s what our customers expect from us. There is a correct way, the wrong way, and the Gray way.”


For more information about Gray’s Quality program and Gray’s Quality Management System, please visit

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