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A Foundation of Family


“The Gray family” is a phrase you’ll often hear, and it’s not just a buzzword.


As a family-owned business, there’s an undeniable culture that permeates through Gray, even as we continue to grow. Here, you’ll work and play alongside people who become lifelong friends.  


Since our founding, our focus has never shifted from our values and culture. We admire all the individual voices and talents that make up Gray today and are dedicated to keeping Gray a special place, where the best want to belong. 


Founded by James Norris and Lois Howard Gray in 1960, Gray is best understood through our history of hard-earned growth and unwavering values. Learn more of Gray’s history through the decades. 

Life at Gray


At Gray, we’re always looking for a reason to bring the team together. Each year, we host dozens of events across our offices—from our company-wide Gray Family Weekend to annual team outings and football tailgates: there’s always something fun around the corner. Call it cliché, but we live out the phrase: Work hard, play hard. 

Commitment to Collaboration


As a fully integrated, multi-faceted team, Gray is continually finding ways to make cross-collaboration easier. Gray’s open-office work environments originated well ahead of their time, nearly 50 years ago, after working with Japanese counterparts. Lois Howard Gray, an interior-designer by trade, helped design Gray’s early office buildings, including modern décor and furnishings. Inspired by the Japanese ideal of continuous improvement or “kaizen,” Gray fostered a workplace fueled by teamwork, productivity, and collaboration.  


Continuing with this approach, Gray has kept up with the demands of an ever-involving world, introducing hybrid work schedules to help us retain the best and brightest talent and allow team members the flexibility they need to succeed. 

Safety at the Center


It’s impossible to discuss our culture without including our focus on health and safety. Workplace safety – both on and off the jobsite – is paramount to Gray. Through our award-winning safety program, we empower and challenge our team members, subs/vendors, and other partners to make smart, measured, and safe decisions across all offices and jobsites. To us, safety numbers are not statistics—they’re people. At Gray, we are dedicated to keeping safety and quality of life the cornerstone of all we do. 


Learn More about Gray’s commitment to safety.

Gray’s Caring Culture


Accountability starts with taking care of each other. Gray’s founders, James Norris Gray and Lois Howard Gray, firmly laid the foundation for our company by establishing a precedent for generosity. Giving back to the communities where we live and work has been a bedrock of Gray’s culture for more than 60 years—and you have the chance to be a part of it. From organizing blood drives and disaster relief volunteers to fundraising for local charities, you’ll be empowered to serve others and make the world a better place.  


The Gray Grant.


Gray is committed to serving the community in every season through a diverse group of philanthropy organizations. A key element of our company’s business plan includes supporting one major philanthropic endeavor for a three-year period with 2% of our annual pre-tax, pre-bonus profit. These organizations have included:  



In addition to our charitable grant recipients, Gray works with many organizations on a regular basis, including: