Making a Real Difference: Children of Fallen Patriots

Since 2019, Gray has partnered with Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. This organization provides scholarships and other assistance to students who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Since 2002, Fallen Patriots has provided $49 million to more than 2,100 students and has over 10,500 students enrolled in its student database.

To partner this worthy cause, Gray contributes financially to the organization, but also supports them in ways far beyond finances. Gray has opened its doors, and its arms, to Fallen Patriots’ students and welcomed them into the Gray family as interns to help them along their journey toward the completion of their education.


One of those interns is Sophie Emma-Li Vigna, a civil engineering freshman at the University of Georgia, and we were given the opportunity to speak with her about what it means to be a part of both Fallen Patriots and Gray.


How did you become involved with Children of Fallen Patriots?


I became a part of the Children of Fallen Patriots because my mother passed away in the line of duty, and the support I received from the Fallen Patriots is incredible.


What does the support of Fallen Patriots mean to you?


It comforts me to know there is an organization like Fallen Patriots to support people who have lost a loved one in the line of duty like me.


As an intern at Gray, how does it feel to work at a company that supports Fallen Patriots?


Gray supporting Fallen Patriots made my internship decision very easy. Knowing Gray supports me not only as an employee but also as a Children of Fallen Patriots makes me feel like a part of their family.


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