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Safe + Sound Week: Gray’s Continued Commitment to Safety

At Gray, safety and quality of life is our first core value, but it’s more than that. Safety is ingrained into our culture and is a part of everyday life both on our jobsites and in our offices.


As a part of that commitment, Gray is proud to participate in this year’s US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Safe + Sound Week.

Safe + Sound Week is an annual, nationwide event held every August that celebrates workplace safety initiatives and programs, as well as offers tips to help keep workers safe.


During Safe + Sound Week, OSHA asks that different safety topics are assigned as a focal point for each day. The hope is that organizations, employers and employees will take time to discuss the topics and the procedures that are in place involving those topics.


This year, Gray decided to focus on the following safety subjects:


Monday – Fall Protection 


Falls continue to be the most dangerous incidents in the construction industry. According to the latest statistics, 39.2% of construction deaths in 2017 were due to falls. This means any good safety program will have extensive training and focus around fall protection. Appropriately tying off, effective anchor points and other types of fall protection are just some of the ways to keep team members safe on the jobsite. At Gray, we understand that fall protection is more than just good practice; these procedures can literally save lives.


Gray team members gather on the jobsite for a safety meeting to discuss the importance and protocols involving fall protection.


Tuesday – “Stop the Drop”


“Stop the Drop” is a program designed and implemented by Gray to draw attention to the danger of falling objects on the jobsite. Falling objects can include anything from tools to equipment and supplies and can very dangerous if the proper procedures are not in place. Properly barricading and using spotters are integral to protect people from potentially falling objects. A clean jobsite, without debris laying around, and tool tethers are also great ways to “Stop the Drop” and protect your team.


Wednesday – Spotters


Gray understands that proper spotter protocol is a vital part of a safety program. Spotters as a safety measure in the world of construction are tried and true. At Gray, our spotter policies are extensive and require the use of spotters in numerous scenarios including overhead work and every time a piece of equipment moves.


Thursday – Ground Disturbance


Utility strikes are top of mind when it comes to ground disturbance. These avoidable incidents are not only costly but can also be extremely dangerous to both workers and others in the surrounding area. Proper protocol to check for and mark utilities are vital to any construction operation and will help alleviate the risk of unnecessary strikes.


A longtime Gray electrical subcontractor conducts a safety meeting on the topic of ground disturbance.


Friday – Dealer’s Choice!


Every jobsite presents different, and often unique, challenges and dangers. That’s why it’s important to recognize and educated based on the safety-related topics specific to each jobsite. Some of the many topics our teams may cover are:


• Safe Ladder Use

• Good Electrical Practices

• Proper Scaffold Use

• Safe Equipment Operation


Safety is a daily dedication


At Gray, we celebrate the opportunity to highlight safety efforts. While safety is a daily effort and point of focus for our organization, Safe + Sound Week is an excellent opportunity to join as an industry to shed light on the importance of keeping people safe.


For us, the commitment to safety is one that we continue to advance because you can never be “too good” at safety. Our dedication goes far beyond what is required by OSHA, and while our safety record is better than the industry average, we view even one incident as too many and are committed to achieving zero incidents on our jobsites.


“I am committed to safety so that everyone who comes to work in the morning is able to return home, free of injury, at the end of the day,” says Jim Grant, Vice President, Safety and Field Operations, Gray Construction.


For more information on Safe + Sound Week, please visit


To learn more about Gray’s dedication to safety and to explore the Gray Safety 6, please visit our safety page.

"I am committed to safety so that everyone who comes to work in the morning is able to return home, free of injury, at the end of the day."
Jim Grant, Chief Safety Officer, Gray, Inc.
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