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Relationships Matter: Q&A with Studio Lead Brandon Hoffman

Relationships and accountability are at the heart of Gray’s culture. These values lead us in everything that we do. As we’ve grown both organically and through acquisition, our passion is to preserve this culture, our family of brands, and the lifelong friendships we build. For Brandon Hoffman, studio lead at Willett Engineering, a Gray company, those friendships led to two separate stints with the company. We spoke with him about recent growth, his favorite part about being in the Gray family, and his love of grilling.

You recently rejoined the Willett Engineering team, could you explain your history with the company?


“I worked at Willett Engineering from 2009 to 2018, prior to Willett joining the Gray family. I came back in December 2020. In total, I’ve been with the company for 10 years.”


Since your time at Gray, how has the company seen growth and change?


“The easy answer is that Willett, as part of the Gray family, has a lot more firepower and resources. That has really helped us grow in personnel and as a company. I was pleased to see that joining the Gray team did not overwrite the personality that Willett Engineering has. I think that really shows how closely aligned Gray and Willett’s values are. We were able to be a cog in a larger machine, but kept the same Willett Engineering personality that was always so appealing. The growth is also evident in our technology. We have become more sophisticated, with more resources, and can function much better in an increasingly wireless and digital work environment.”


What’s your favorite part about being a member of the Gray team?


“I like being a part of something larger. It’s impressive the number of services that Gray can now provide, and I enjoy seeing all those different pieces of the company come together in various capacities.”


What’s the most valuable professional advice you’ve ever been given?


“It wasn’t directed at me, but it was at a marketing meeting. It was a J. Mac Willett quote, “All firms use the same equations to design a building. I’m not going to tell you that I can change physics and do it better. I can tell you that I will do everything in my power to make it a pleasant experience, and that you will always be able to count on me.” I think it goes to show that you can be the best engineer in the world, but accountability and relationships are just as important as technical skill.”


What’s your fondest memory since being part of Willett Engineering? 


“I was given the opportunity to travel to meetings and job sites early in my career. Often times, that would include traveling with Mac Willett. We weren’t very good at picking flights and had a lot of time to kill. That allowed the opportunity for someone who hadn’t traveled much to see the sights. We visited Elvis’ grave in Graceland, took a picture with John Wayne at the Cowboy Museum, and swung Babe Ruth’s bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum to name a few.”


In one word, how would you describe Gray?




What are your hobbies/special interests?


“I’ve always played tennis and racquetball, and I hope to do so for the rest of my life. I also enjoy traveling, whether that’s abroad or simply camping in the mountains. I am also a very avid and terrible golfer. If I’m home for the weekend, you will find me by the grill.”


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