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More Than an Internship: Getting Started at Gray

“I thought I would be getting people coffee and making copies.”

“I kind of thought I was just going to be doing basic intern things.”

“I definitely didn’t think I would be doing as much as I am.”

When you think internship, you typically think busy work. Most interns, in whatever business and organization they are in, spend the majority of their time doing the grunt work that other people either don’t have time for or don’t want to bother doing.


A typical intern will spend most of their days answering phone calls, running errands or helping organize stacks of files, only for the chance to say that they spent the summer or a semester inside of an office. These interns get the opportunity to see how their business of choice works, but never really gain hands-on experience to help further the pursuit of their career.


At Gray, we operate a little differently. Whether it be an engineering intern working in the field on a major construction project, a safety intern leading a meeting or a construction management intern helping with the proposal process, Gray interns are given the opportunity to participate in real operations.


Trusting Our Team


“From day one, they put a lot of faith in me, they gave me a lot of leeway in what I was doing and really gave me an opportunity to prove myself that I didn’t anticipate,” says Riley Musick, Safety Intern.


Gray interns are considered part of the team and are given an opportunity to do work that is truly a benefit to the company. By doing this, Gray creates a culture where interns don’t feel like second-class team members, but rather feel like they are making meaningful contributions to the organization.


“It’s just nice knowing that you are needed and knowing that what you are doing here is actually helpful,” says Mack Wilson, Accounting Intern.


Learning on the Job


“I think I learned more in my first month at Gray than I did in four years of school,” says Musick.


The learning and experience that interns gain during their time with Gray is truly invaluable. Students are able to take the concepts and theories they have been studying inside the classroom and apply them to real life scenarios within the organization. Not only do our interns get to see these concepts in practice, but they also get the benefit of being surrounded by professionals, many of whom have decades of experience in this industry.


“I’ve been here a few months and I’ve learned so much more than I actually probably have in a semester,” says Presley Rutherford, Civil Engineering Intern. “Being under so many seasoned engineers has really influenced me to follow the engineering management path.

"From day one, they put a lot of faith in me, they gave me a lot of leeway in what I was doing and really gave me an opportunity to prove myself that I didn’t anticipate."
Riley Musick, Safety Intern


Join Our Team


The best part about joining our team as an intern is that your Gray journey doesn’t have to end there! Numerous interns go straight from their internship program to becoming full-time Gray team members including Tyler Cundiff, Vice President, Business Development, Food & Beverage Group; Brett Goode, Vice President, South Atlantic Regional Office; Curt Hargrove, Vice President, Gray Development; and Brian Jones, Chief Operating Officer.


Gray offers internships for nearly every aspect of the business including for the fields of architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and construction management. In addition, Gray also offers internships for any of our support departments such as accounting, marketing and IT.


If you are interested in an internship with Gray, or to view any open intern positions, please visit here.

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