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How to Develop Your SI Strategy

As operators within the food & beverage industry adapt to keep pace with rapid technological advances and skyrocketing demand, the need has grown for these businesses to integrate complex mechanical and digital processes as part of their automation strategy.  This practice, known as system integration, helps facilitate fast, accurate, and safe operations by essentially unifying processing elements into a cohesive and efficient system.

With so many SI providers offering a wide range of technologies, choosing the right partner can pose a challenge for food processors. But remove the bells and whistles, and it comes down to relationships—what are food processors who want to raise the bar for their operations really looking for?


Food Engineering offers answers in a recent article featuring top SI experts, including Walker Mattox, CEO of Gray Solutions, a Gray company.



According to Mattox, a good match should bring a collaborative spirit to the table. A willingness to work with multiple vendors will help the integrator provide a tailored approach that offers the right blend of hardware and digital tools for each operation. Such an approach underpins Gray’s core value of being driven by customer relationships.


To learn more, read the full article from Food Engineering.


For more information on how Gray can help maximize your operational efficiency with a fully integrated facility, check out our Services page.

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