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Growth Spurs New Office for Gray

Gray, a fully integrated, global service provider specializing in engineering, design, construction, digital, equipment manufacturing, and real estate services across multiple industries, is proud to expand its reach with a new office located in Southern California. While Gray has had a presence in the West for more than two decades, the new Southwest office enhances Gray’s ability to meet customer needs in this region.

Similar to other regional offices, the Southwest office will focus on the following markets: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Automotive, Distribution, and Mission Critical and will offer tiered services including Engineering, Design, Construction, Digital, Equipment, Development, and Planning.


Abdul EL Baba, vice president of Gray’s Southwest office, is leading this office initiative. Since joining Gray over a decade ago, Abdul’s ability to develop and maintain customer relationships has led to growing Gray’s customer base.


“I look forward to embarking on this new adventure for the Southwest office,” says EL Baba. “With a talented and dedicated team, I know great things are on the horizon.”


Over 50 team members are calling the Southwest office located at 110 E Wilshire Ave., in Fullerton their new home. The office building, known as the Chapman Building, once held the distinction of being the tallest building in Orange County.


“This move allows Gray to have a stronger presence in the southwestern United States to support growth in our core markets,” says Brian Jones, president & CEO of Gray Construction. “We’re excited to see what the future holds.”


Among current projects underway for the Southwest office are flagship projects ranging from manufacturing operations for leading aerospace corporations and new food & beverage processing facilities to state-of-the-art plants supplying the semiconductor industry.


Located in Anaheim, the Gray West office will continue to serve its core markets.

"I look forward to embarking on this new adventure for the Southwest office. With a talented and dedicated team, I know great things are on the horizon."
Abdul EL Baba, Vice President, Advanced Technology

About Gray 


Consistently ranked among the top industrial contractors in the U.S., Gray focuses on the following markets for domestic and international customers: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Automotive, Distribution, Mission Critical, and Commercial, with nearly 30 offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.  


Founded in 1960, Gray has grown to encompass a complementary family of brands designed to augment and enhance each other’s specialized capabilities without gaps or redundancies. Our robust offering enables us to create one-of-a-kind solutions at the highest levels of customization, delivering unmatched precision and partnership to some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations.    


For more information on Gray, visit and follow us @Gray.


    August 04, 2022
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