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First LEED Lexington Habitat Home is Underway

Construction began this past weekend on Lexington Habitat for Humanity’s first LEED certified home. The project is sponsored by Gray.

Lexington Habitat for Humanity Under Construction

Gray team members are looking forward to being a part of the first LEED for Homes registered project for Habitat in the city of Lexington. We’ll be working alongside members of the US Green Build Council of Lexington. The house was designed with health, safety, energy efficiency, resource efficiency and comfort in mind. We’re also looking forward to meeting the new homeowners, Hugues Itoula Kifoumba and Carine Tsibi Mayina and their four children!


Gray team members working on the Habitat house.
Gray team members working on the Habitat house.



“We’ve all heard the quote – it’s more blessed to give than to receive and I can truly say this is how the entire Gray Team feels about being involved with the building of this new Habitat home. We are so blessed to be able to play a small role in helping this family’s dream become a reality.” – Stephen Gray, CEO


Examples of LEED features for the home include:


    • Drought-tolerant Plants will be used to limit the need for watering.


    • A “white” concrete driveway will be installed to reduce the heat island effect associated with asphalt.


    • High-efficiency water fixtures will be used in the home to reduce the demand on local water sources.


    • Panelized construction of framed walls to reduce waste and speed construction.


    • The home will meet the EPA’s Energy Star for Homes energy efficiency criteria.


    • An efficient, compact, hot water distribution system is going to be installed.


    • Low VOC interior finishes will be installed to improve occupant comfort.


    • Recycling construction waste in an effort to divert 25% of the recyclable waste from landfills.


    • The home will meet the criteria of the EPA’s Indoor Air Plus program.


We’ll be posting photos and more as the house progresses, so stay tuned!

    August 12, 2011
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