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Enjoying the Journey: Q&A with Electrical Engineer Dylan Pierce

Who doesn’t love to reach the finish line? There’s nothing quite like reaching a goal that you’ve been pursuing diligently for a long time. Enjoying the journey makes reaching that goal even more gratifying. As an electrical engineer at InLine Engineers, a Gray company, Dylan Pierce thrives amid the journey. He says the process inspires him. As he celebrates four years at InLine, we spoke with him about that passion and his experience as a Gray team member.

Describe your normal workday–your “day in the life.”


“Every morning before leaving for work, I take our dog for a walk. The last thing I do is say goodbye to my family and wish them a good day. Once at work, I begin by checking my calendar and open items list to create a map of the day. This will include meetings with project members, customers, and contractors.


Between these meetings, I will work on project design tasks. These tasks will look different as we progress through a project. A few examples are creating and reviewing proposals, equipment specifications, and construction packages or reviewing vendor drawings and customer documents.”


What do you enjoy most about your work at Gray?


“I enjoy the process. Being on a project from beginning to end, where you can see the development from scope and design parameters into a fully developed system, is incredible. The best part is the creative design process. That’s where the details and nuances, which make the project unique, shine through and challenge the engineer to provide solutions.”


What has been your most memorable experience since joining the Gray Family?


“It was incredibly memorable to watch the initial production run of my first major project with InLine. Seeing years of engineering culminate into a fully functional production facility, which exceeded customer expectations, showed the value of the efforts put in to get us to that point.”


What’s the most valuable advice you’ve ever been given?


“Always put God first and everything else will fall into place.”

"Gray has created a network of companies that complement each other well, but they individually have high levels of competency in their respective fields."
Dylan Pierce, Electrical Engineer

InLine Engineers, A Gray Company

What unique capabilities does InLine provide, and how do they complement Gray’s overall service offering?


“Inline Engineers, a Gray company, is highly experienced in all areas of the food & beverage field. This expertise enables us to give quality and detailed input on project needs early in the design process, thus providing a clear path for the design throughout the entirety of the project.”


What do you think sets Gray apart from other service providers in the industry?


“Gray has created a network of companies that complement each other well, but they individually have high levels of competency in their respective fields. This allows us to present the customer with a united team capable of providing quality design in all facets of the project.”


If someone was visiting Atlanta, GA, what would you recommend to them as a “must-do?”


“I would recommend visiting a nature park or hiking trail to get an experience of the wildlife of Georgia during the day. At night, I would recommend visiting the Battery. You can get an Antico’s Pizza for dinner and then enter the stadium to watch the Braves play.”


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