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David Florence: Lessons Learned and Continued Motivation

Gray is fortunate to have a wide range of experience within the organization that spans across all our departments and throughout our family of brands. This experience includes decades of on-the-job expertise and valuable knowledge that has been gained over the years.

We had the chance to sit down with David Florence, Gray’s vice president of Pre-Construction Systems & Services, to talk about lessons learned, advice to pass along, and what keeps him motivated.


How do you feel about failure and challenges?


“Challenges motivate me to show up every day and figure it out. Failures, while painful and taken personally, mature me and focus me.”


What are your methods for handling adversity?


“Adversity is like a marathon—the first miles are easy, the middle miles are hard and lonely, and the late miles are all mental. You have to focus on one step at a time; just focus on the next step.”


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?


“Humility and humor. I have to be humble to learn, and I have to have humor to keep it all in balance.”


If you could provide a young professional one piece of advice, what would it be?


“Work hard. Be focused. Be willing. Be patient.”


What guidance would you offer your younger self?


“Take more risk.”


What skills/qualities are necessary for success?


“A desire to learn. A self-reliance. An eager and inquisitive mind. Creativity. Intuition.”


Who has played a strong influence in your life and why?


“My father. My faith. My wife.”


In a word or two, what motivates you?


“The unknown.”


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