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Managing Director
Managing Director

With more than 20 years of experience at Gray, David is well-versed on taking a project from concept to reality. In January of 2020, he pioneered a new initiative for Gray as managing director, establishing a company presence in Ireland to pursue European opportunities. This move was at the request of a trusted, proven customer and came with plans to provide complete turnkey program management services in this new region.


As David works to build Gray’s European endeavors, his ability to serve not only as a technical and project expert, but also as a company ambassador, are key for strategic expansion and marketplace recognition of Gray for existing and new, future customers in the region. David spends his time primarily focused on developing the service platforms in addition to the infrastructure needed to support them.


David has played an integral role at Gray throughout his career leading various initiatives, including with Gray’s Pre-Construction systems and services where he helped guide customers in defining their project through the process of concept and into reality.


When he’s not working, David enjoys running in marathons and half marathons, reading historical fiction, traveling, and drawing architectural sketches.