CIP System Design

Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems are a key component for food processing sanitation. These automated systems help clean the inside of processing equipment without having to disassemble the equipment. Spec designs and integrates CIP systems into existing and new processing lines. CIP systems can be customized to fit any space. Stationary skids are installed in a facility, and cleaning circuits are installed throughout the plant.

how does it work?

CIP supply skids with integrated valves allow the flow of product to pause, introduce the cleaning solution, and then reintroduce the product back to the system after sanitization is complete. The process typically includes a caustic wash, an acid wash, and a sanitizer.

Benefits of cip

  • Limited Chemical Exposure for Operators
  • Avoid Confined Space Entry
  • Less Wear & Tear on System Components
  • Preventing Contaminations Between Batches
  • Minimize Foodborne Illness
  • Scheduled Cleaning Sessions
  • Trackable Results

a mobile solution

For systems where CIP-ready process equipment is used without a CIP system integrated into the process, the SmartCart can be a cleaning solution. The SmartCart is a fully customizable, one-touch automated multi-cycle CIP cart that can be moved between multiple lines in the facility. A data management system can be utilized for audits, allowing for additional transparency.

Additional resources

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