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Weber Metals, Inc.

Aerospace Manufacturing Facility.

Weber Metals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OTTO FUCHS, manufactures and supplies aluminum and titanium forged product for commercial aerospace, military aerospace, space programs, jet engine components, and the electronics/semiconductor industry. The company selected Gray to provide design-build services on a titanium and aluminum component manufacturing facility for the aerospace industry.

In Numbers

  • Paramount, CA
  • 115000 s.f.
    Square Footage
  • 13 months
Weber Metals, Inc.
Paramount, CA
115000 s.f.
13 months

The 115,000 s.f. facility features a 60,000-ton forging press, which is globally the strongest and most advanced hydraulic pull-down die forging press in pit-mounted design. The press required an 80′ excavation for the foundation, necessitating significant shoring and dewatering. The machine is nearly 10 stories tall yet only one-third is visible – the other two-thirds are below ground level.


“Weber Metals and Otto Fuchs are thrilled to announce that our world-class facility housing our forging press is complete,” said Doug McIntyre, president and CEO of Weber Metals, Inc. “This achievement will push Otto Fuchs forward in the aerospace industry enabling us to meet the forging needs of our customers today and for many years to come. We would not be celebrating this great milestone for Weber Metals if it weren’t for our partners including Gray Construction.”


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