Otsuka Chemical America, Inc.

Establishing Roots in the U.S.

Otsuka Chemical America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of titanate friction material for the automotive industry. When it decided to expand and open the company’s first plant in the U.S., Otsuka selected a proven partner in Gray to provide design-build services for the facility.

  • Location
    Griffin, GA
  • Square Footage
    91,397 s.f.
  • Operational
    Phase I: 12 months, Phase II: 6 months
Otsuka Chemical America, Inc.
Griffin, GA
91,397 s.f.
Phase I: 12 months, Phase II: 6 months

Successful Project


The 50,707 s.f. greenfield plant is located on a 35-acre site at Georgia’s first eco-friendly park. The facility manufactures Terracess, a titanate material used to create friction on automotive brake pads. This has an annual production capacity of 2,000 metric tons.


Three years after the original project, Otsuka asked Gray to build an expansion at the Georgia campus. This 40,690 s.f. facility serves as a warehouse until Otsuka integrates additional Kilns and Modules for more production capabilities.


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"From its conception, Otsuka’s first U.S. Terracess plant has been a tremendous undertaking of global scale. The success of this project is a testament to the planning and execution of all our staff and partners."
Hiroyoshi Tosa, CEO and CFO

Otsuka Chemical America, Inc.

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