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Mobis Alabama, LLC

Automotive Parts Manufacturing Growth.

Mobis Alabama, LLC, known as Hyundai Mobis, has become one of the largest Korean auto parts companies with A/S parts sales, auto parts export, and module parts manufacture as its operating areas. Over the course of five years, Gray was chosen to design and build five separate projects for Mobis.

In Numbers

  • Montgomery, AL
  • 966985 s.f.
    Square Footage
Mobis Alabama, LLC
Montgomery, AL
966985 s.f.

Gray completed: a 234,000 s.f. manufacturing plant for cockpit assemblies and automotive front and rear wheel chassis; 430,000 s.f. bumper and sub-assembly manufacturing plant for Hyundai automobiles; 94,878 s.f. distribution warehouse; 129,276 s.f. addition to the existing distribution warehouse; and 78,831 s.f. E-coat painting facility.


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