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Leading Beverage Supplier

Water Purification Systems.

When one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers needed international services for water purification systems, the company called on Gray.

Leading Beverage Supplier

For this unique request, the team helped plan, execute, and install on-demand water purification systems for the purpose of providing clean water to remote communities.


These systems are powered by solar photovoltaic panels and are designed to meet project requirements of low power consumption, high reliability, low maintenance, and versatile applicability for different water sources.


The water treatment system consists of a water storage tank that is filled from a pre-treated municipal supply. A custom chlorination system provides microbiological disinfection, before the water is pumped through a series of pre-filters, carbon filters, and a reverse osmosis unit. The filters remove cysts, organics, pesticides, heavy metals, and free chlorine before completing the fine filtration process to eliminate remaining contaminants and dispense safe drinking water.


For this project, the team provided hands-on installation for two of the water purification systems, as well as start-up, system validation, and guidance on water quality testing procedures. Following installation, the team also provided technical support to maintain and service existing systems in other communities, including training for local residents to ensure proper system operation.


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