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Hill's Pet Nutrition

Integrated Services for Highly Automated Pet Food Facility.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive and a recognized leader of high-quality pet food and treats.


The customer selected Gray, a worldwide leader in the pet food industry, to design and build a state-of-the-art wet pet food production facility on an 80-acre site just outside of Kansas City.

In Numbers

  • Tonganoxie, KS
  • 366850 s.f.
    Square Footage
  • 27 months
Hill's Pet Nutrition
Tonganoxie, KS
366850 s.f.
27 months
"The technology and advancements of this facility set it apart as one of the high-water marks in the pet food industry. From advanced robotics to fully integrated process systems, every part of this facility is optimized to increase output and efficiency."
Stephen Gray, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gray, Inc.

Through its family of companies, Gray provided total project services for the 366,000 s.f. greenfield facility, from feasibility studies to a host of expert solutions including automation, sanitary process, engineering, and advanced controls.



In addition to the company’s industry-leading design-build services, Gray provided integrated controls and robotics central to the ultramodern plant’s design, as well as end-to-end solutions for all of the process engineering for the project, which incorporated highly automated process and packing equipment throughout the facility.


Gray’s equipment manufacturing capabilities also came into play, with Gray providing design and fabrication services for more than 25 stainless-steel platforms to house the plant’s process equipment. Each platform was custom-built for the Hill’s facility and follows AISC and OSHA guidelines. To meet stringent sanitary requirements, the platforms feature a sloped design that enables complete drainage following washdown cycles. Many of the platforms house equipment on multiple tiers, including the plant’s Clean-in-Place (CIP) system platforms, which feature a double-deck design. Following custom equipment design and manufacturing services, Gray sourced key components—including pumps, valves, sanitary hoses, tubing, and fittings—and customized them for the ideal fit into the facility layout.


The new facility allows Hill’s to boost production capacity to support its growing global market reach and creates more than 100 jobs for the community.


Construction by the Numbers.
  • Steel
    More than 5,500 tons of steel
  • Concrete
    25,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • Electrical
    1.5 million linear feet of electrical wire
  • Utilities
    365,000 gallon underground storm system
  • Equipment
    More than 25 custom stainless-steel equipment platforms

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  • Engineering

    Process & Packaging Systems Engineering

    Civil/Building Engineering

    Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

  • Design



    Sustainable Design

  • Construction





  • Digital

    Automation & Controls

    Production-First IT



  • Equipment
    Custom equipment Ovens & cookers
    Process skids Batching equipment
    Clean-in-place systems Bioreactors
    Extruders Distributed products
    Mixers & blenders Control panel fabrication
  • Development

    Feasibility Studies


    Incentive Coordination

    Land Acquisition

    Construction Financing

    Build-to-Suit/Sale Leaseback

  • Planning

    Master Planning

    Front-end Services

    Strategy Consulting

"From the very beginning, Hill’s and Gray have worked hand-in-hand through the complexities of this highly technical, ultramodern facility that will now have an impact on this region and the industry for decades to come."
Stephen Gray, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gray, Inc.

About Gray

Gray is a fully integrated global service provider specializing in engineering, design, construction, digital, equipment manufacturing, and real estate services.