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Drax Biomass

Renewable Power Generation Operation on the Riverfront.

Drax Biomass, a development and operating company focused on manufacturing wood pellets for renewable low-carbon power generation from sustainable biomass, selected Gray for design and construction management services on the erection of two 120′-tall domes for wood pellet storage, conveyors, and a shiploader at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge on the Mississippi River.

  • Location
    Port Allen, LA
  • Square Footage
    74,104 s.f.
  • Operational
    17 months
Drax Biomass
Port Allen, LA
74,104 s.f.
17 months

Innovative Domes for Pellet Storage


The domes store approximately 80,000 metric tons of wood pellets that are loaded continuously by conveyors which collect pellets from the railroad and truck unloading buildings. Each dome has a 285′ tunnel underneath that collects pellets once the domes are full and transfers them to the shiploader.


The shiploader loads 1,200 metric tons of pellets per hour. Pellets are loaded onto the largest class of ship that is capable of passing through the Panama Canal in 3-5 days. The shiploader features luffing, shuttling, traveling, and a telescopic chute.


Instead of piles or deep foundations, more than 15,000 yards of concrete were used for the dome ring beam alone. The domes are designed to settle into the ground up to 12” at the center and 8” along the perimeter.


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