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Project Kansas

Expertise only JE Dunn & Gray can deliver.


JE Dunn Construction Company | Gray Construction Company, a Joint Venture, is honored to be considered a partner for Panasonic Energy North America’s history-making EV battery plant. The Kansas City region has been JE Dunn’s home for nearly 100 years, and we are proud to have the project built in our backyard. The impact the facility will have on our region, on Kansas, and on the De Soto community will be a marked transformation. We understand the significance the project will have in paving the way to a zero-emissions future faster than anyone could imagine. This project will change lives for the better. 


Our value to you.

  • Japanese Clients + Battery Plant Experience.
  • Market Knowledge + Established Partnerships = Available LOCAL Labor.
  • Certainty of Outcome: Cost, Schedule, Quality.
  • High Performance Cultures + Integrity = Winning Team Approach.
"I sincerely believe the project would not have been ready for production without your commitment and dedication to helping Mercedes-Benz achieve our delivery goals."
Nina Del Gaizo, Factory Planning Project Lead


We’re confident that our unmatched experience, in close collaboration with you, will result in success. Thank you for this opportunity, and we look forward to meeting again very soon.