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Through the Years: Perspective from a Team Member's Time at Gray

Gray is fortunate to have a range of experience within the organization that spans across all our departments and throughout our family of brands. Many of our team members who began with the business in entry level positions have worked their way through the ranks, giving them a unique perspective of what it takes to keep the company moving forward. One of those team members is Steve Renshaw, president of Gray Ohio Valley.


We spoke with Steve about some of the important lessons learned during his career, words of wisdom for young professionals, and advice on how to handle failures and challenges in the business world.


Who has played a strong influence in your life and why?


It has helped me at times, when life is moving fast, to think back to times with my grandparents and how they lived a simple country farm life with few comforts and limited ambitions. They seemed to enjoy themselves, friends, family, and the outdoors. Life wasn’t too complicated.


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?


Focus on today’s opportunities and needs—the idea of the precious present.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?


Trust and reliability are first and foremost to enduring relationships.


What guidance would you offer your younger self?


Cultivate a balanced lifestyle that includes faith, family, career, and hobbies.


If you could provide a young professional one piece of advice, what would it be?


Be perceptive, be an attentive, and be an inquisitive learner. Every day someone around you is sharing a good idea or practice that you can take with you.


What skills or qualities are necessary for success?


Enjoy your work and your team, be persistent in learning and growing, and adapt to new challenges.


How do you feel about failure and challenges?


With failures, try your best to learn from the past work of others. But, if you must create some of your own original failures, try to keep them small, learn quickly, and move on. Challenges will come as you grow. You will be asked to take on new roles and challenges because of your character and success. Take them as they come and even create some of your own personal challenges to enjoy along the way.


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