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The New Face of Manufacturing: Supplying the Field of Supply Chain

According to a study by MHI—a national material handling, logistics and supply chain association—the supply chain industry will need to fill some 1.4 million new jobs between 2014 and 2018, but will fall short as Baby Boomers continue their mass exodus out of the workforce.

This is a big problem for manufacturers and distributors desperate to fill these positions, but it’s a golden opportunity for people interested in entering the supply chain field.


In response to this demand, MHI recently launched an awareness campaign called #iWorkInTheSupplyChain, designed to promote manufacturing and supply chain as innovative and rewarding career choices, and to change the perception of jobs in the industry. The campaign was launched with a video featuring success stories of manufacturing and supply chain professionals currently in the field. The video can be viewed on the campaign’s new website


Manufacturing and supply chain professionals are encouraged to tweet and post their own success stories using the hashtag.


“Because supply chains work behind the scenes, you only hear about them when there is a disruption,” said George Prest, MHI CEO. “We, as an industry, have to do a better job communicating the amazing and rewarding career opportunities available. That’s the goal of this campaign.”

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