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The New Face of Manufacturing: A Q&A with MaryAnn Winsemius of Owens-Illinois, Inc.

A Q&A with MaryAnn Winsemius, Global Manufacturing Fundamentals Manager at Owens-Illinois, Inc.

MaryAnn Winsemius

What motivated you to pursue a career in manufacturing?


My dad, he was an engineer at a manufacturing facility. I also grew up keeping up with my older brothers and have always had an interest in understanding how “stuff” worked. I firmly believed (and still do!) I could do anything that my brothers could do, a fact that my family has always encouraged.


How would you define the current manufacturing landscape?


I have two words to describe manufacturing – exciting and evolving. Because industries are evolving toward a collaborative culture to better meet customer needs, there are unlimited and exciting opportunities available that will have a powerful impact.


Why do you believe so strongly in the manufacturing industry?


Without manufacturing, what do you have? Manufacturing is the backbone of many communities. It is the epitome of diversity and collaboration – pulling together people with different backgrounds to work toward a common goal. It is woven into everything we do and will continue to have a positive impact on both the U.S. and the economy.


To create a sustainable future for the industry and its workforce, what needs to happen?


It is up to the current generation to shape the future and encourage inclusion and diversity. Both men and women have the opportunity to turn barriers into opportunities. We all have the ability to be the change we want to see in the industry and workforce of tomorrow.

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