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Sustaining Growth: Q&A with Project Engineer Angela Rozanek

As we all know, along with 2020 came a host of unexpected challenges. The global COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic backlash that ensued in the wake, was a devastation to many companies around the country and around the world, but Gray has thus far weathered the storm. One of the main reasons for Gray’s ability to not only stay afloat but continue growing during this past season is our people. The dedication, determination, and hard work of our people propelled us into our most recent successes. One of those people is Angela Rozanek, project engineer. We spoke to Angela about Gray’s growth during the pandemic, her time at Gray, and what makes being apart of the Gray family so special.


What’s the most valuable professional advice you’ve ever been given?


I would say it is our #3 Core Value – “We treat others the way we want to be treated.” In having empathy for others and treating others the way we want to be treated, it creates a positive environment.


Rozanek along with other team members on a jobsite.


What’s your favorite part about being a member of the Gray team?


My favorite part of being a Gray team member is our culture. I love that we have core values and incorporate these values daily in our work. I have even adapted it into my personal way of life and thinking outside of work. No matter what our position is, I have seen my team members treat each other with respect and we all genuinely communicate and work as a team.


Since your time at Gray, how has the company seen positive growth and change?


I work with Gray West within the Industrial/Entertainment team. During my time at Gray, I’ve seen our team expand and add new team members to work on the new projects we have landed–whether it is with food & beverage, industrial tilt-up, schools, or entertainment. This past year brought many challenges due to COVID-19, however, I continue to see our company grow and succeed through the changes and challenges with the pandemic. Even through the challenges of 2020, it is positive knowing our company is still working diligently to bring in projects, keeping us informed about what is happening, and most importantly keeping us employed. To adapt to the pandemic, our team began to work remotely, and I think that is positive growth. We’ve been able to stay in touch via video conference, have team-building meetings, and of course continue to create unforgettable customer experiences and great projects. I am proud to be a Gray team member and excited to see our company adapt and work together through this new work environment and what the future holds for us.


In one word, how would you describe Gray?


“Connected.” I value how we all stay connected as a whole company throughout all the regional offices, entities, and endorsed brands we have across the country.


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