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Strategically Positioned for Global Growth: Q&A with Markus Preisinger

Gray’s connection with foreign-based companies has served as a foundation for our success over the past 60 years. Gray has been a leader in the industry when it comes to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and those relationships have proven to last. Now, as the global economy becomes more tightly knit and the needs of industrial customers around the world continue to grow, Gray has strategically chosen to expand our offering to better suit companies overseas.

Markus Preisinger, Manager, European Business Development

In 2020, a trusted customer called on Gray to help broaden its horizons in Europe, and Gray once again stepped up to the plate, developing Gray Europe. Along with this new effort, Gray continued to pursue new work from overseas customers as a part of FDI. Markus Preisinger, manager, European business development, is an integral part of these efforts. We spoke with Markus about Gray’s dive into new territory and the continued push for FDI, what it means for customers and the market, and how Gray is positioned to best serve our customers.

What led you to joining the Gray family?


“I already knew Gray from a project together with my past employer. Back then, I was already impressed by Gray’s openness, enthusiasm, quality, and trust. It was not only about the project, but also about how we, as a customer, were treated. Gray always treated us with respect and great quality with our project. Therefore, joining Gray was an easy step.”


How is Gray expanding its presence in the European market for both FDI and overseas work?


“Gray is expanding its presence step-by-step. We know exactly our values and position in the market, and we are moving forward with this as our foundation as we expand our presence. Additionally, we try to leverage the connections we create here in Europe for both construction in Europe and FDI.”

"I already knew Gray from a project together with my past employer. Back then, I was already impressed by Gray’s openness, enthusiasm, quality, and trust."
Markus Preisinger, Senior Manager, European Business Development

Where do you see Gray heading in relation to the European market?


“In total, the further development will also widen our set of services we can provide to our customers. For FDI, our larger presence in Europe will foster our FDI approach even more. With the local presence, we will be able to engage with customers at an early stage and help them first-hand.”


What do you enjoy most about working at Gray?


“Working with great people on great projects, even though most of the time it is virtual (due to Covid), and helping European industrial companies establish a new footprint, in U.S. or Europe. Every day is different: one day I’m working with a customer in the manufacturing industry on their plans for investing in the U.S., and another day I get to connect with a CEO of a big food & beverage supplier.”


If you had to describe Gray in one word or phrase, what would it be?




To learn more about our offerings for European customers, visit the Gray Europe page.

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