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Seeing the Big Picture: Q&A with Micah Eason

When Micah Eason, assistant project manager, began studying civil engineering at California State University, Long Beach, he thought his foray into the construction industry was going to be through design. However, after an internship and gaining experience in construction management, Micah decided to change course. He’s enjoyed building relationships and coordinating with his fellow Gray team members, as well as customers on projects. 


We spoke with Micah about his day-to-day responsibilities and his journey so far at Gray.   


Can you tell us about your career arc and what led you to Gray?


What drew me to construction was seeing a large-scale project or building going up and being amazed by the details of the process. I worked as an intern for a concrete subcontractor while finishing my degree, which was also my first exposure to Gray. During my final year in college, I engaged with Gray at CSULB’s career fair leading to a job opportunity after graduation.


Describe your normal workday or your “day in the life.”


My day starts with our morning huddle with our site team, where we take the temperature of the jobsite and discuss the most critical items that need to be addressed. That’s our time to bring up any issues or problems that need resolution. It could be change orders, design changes, subcontractor issues, schedule, etc.—every single day is different. I like the challenge, though. It’s an opportunity to learn something new daily and to find creative solutions.


What do you enjoy most about working at Gray?


I enjoy the coordination I get to do with our project teams. We all get along well, and it’s fun to look back on what you’ve accomplished as a team. I’m fortunate to work with great people who are good communicators and welcome my questions. It gives me a lot of confidence to know that my colleagues trust me and value my insight.

What’s been your most memorable experience since joining Gray?  


My most memorable experience was from a project we completed back in 2022. We converted a manufacturing warehouse into a sound stage building for film production. The existing warehouse had columns at every 20 feet; however, sound stages required much larger spans of unobstructed space. In order to complete the structural upgrades, we had to brace the roof, demo the existing columns, and then lift the whole roof to install the much larger cambered beams. It amazed me because this was all part of the structural design for this project. I never knew you could lift or “balloon” the roof while keeping most of it intact. It was a very intricate process that took a lot of planning to ensure a safe operation. 


What do you think sets Gray apart from other service providers in the industry?  


The way Gray emphasizes and lives out their core values is unlike any other company I’ve experienced. We say treat others the way you want to be treated, and I love that this core value is displayed from the top down. It’s great to see our site teams and team members in the field extend this core value to our subcontractors and trade partners as well. It creates a very positive work environment. 


What is the best advice you have ever received?   


This is something that has never been explicitly said, but my coworkers have instilled this belief in me to act like I belong. Basically, don’t be afraid to fail. We learn the most from our mistakes. 

"The way Gray emphasizes and lives out their core values is unlike any other company I’ve experienced."
Micah Eason, Assistant Project Manager


What is one word or phrase you would use to describe Gray?  

Caring. In talking to many of my friends outside of Gray, they don’t get this type of experience at their job where managers and coworkers really care about their well-being at the company and overall wellness as a person. 


If someone was visiting your city, what is a must-do activity?  


I always tell people to get down to Laguna Beach. There are so many beaches to explore and almost every sunset is amazing. 


Any other interesting facts about yourself that you want to share?   


I went back to school and earned my MBA in May 2023. I was motivated to do that for a couple of reasons, including the desire to learn more about the fundamentals of business. I understand my role at Gray, but I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of how my job ties into the bigger picture. I learned how a successful business takes every department, or piece of the puzzle, and meshes it together to create a culture that drives the company forward. We can’t do construction, engineering, design, or anything really if we’re not making money.


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