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Positioned for Success: Q&A with Assistant Project Manager Gunnar Wright

Gray is not just a family, we’re also a team. Our team members understand that success is not just dependent on how well they do their job, but also on how well the people around them perform. We spoke with Gunnar Wright, assistant project manager in Gray’s South Atlantic Office, about his time on the team and how Gray positions its team members for success.


Since your time at Gray, how has the company seen growth and change?


“Our Food & Beverage opportunities are through the roof right now. When I first started, the project I was working on was the only Food & Beverage project the Charlotte Office was working on. Now, we have three or four projects in execution and many more we are chasing.”


What’s the most valuable professional advice you’ve ever been given?


“Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I don’t know,’ or, ‘I’m not sure.’ You will never know the answer to every question. It shows maturity and professionalism to admit you don’t know and then go find the correct answer.”


What’s your favorite part about being a member of the Gray team?


“Everyone always has your best interest at heart. Gray wants to see you succeed and grow, so they intentionally build teams that give you great opportunities and put you in a position to help each other succeed.”


What’s your fondest memory since being part of the Gray Family?


“When I received the Certificate of Occupancy on my first project. Our entire team went through several challenges during this project, but we still completed the project on schedule for the customer’s equipment delivery date.”


In one word, how would you describe Gray?


“Driven! Gray is never satisfied with where we are. We always want to become better, which makes me always want to become better.”


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